Welcome to Lagom Hotel

We make you want to stay in the best hotel in the Hotel, Asia, please come to visit for a custom trip options. Our various fun options bring your satisfaction at highest level.

More that 25 hotel rooms and conference halls are waiting for you. We offer you 5 star luxury service and you can stay here a long time and have your time fun. You can take your time here and make your special events such as Wedding, Meeting, Conference at convenient price …

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Happy Clients

I have had a fabulous stay made possible by the efficiency and friendliness of the staff without exception. Everyone was truly outstanding. One of my best hotel stay experience - worldwide, without a doubt - Keep it up. This is service at its best!

Mr. Indranil Dasgupta


Staff paid extreme attention to details and were always consistence, warm, helpful efficient thoughtful and caring professionals. It was a truly amazing experience and I want to return for leisure as there is so much to do and enjoy at the hotel. Rooms were picturesque.

Ms. Monic Chhabria


I travel over 100 nights a year around the world. I have yet to experience service like The Oberoi. You have an incredible hotel. Keep doing what you are doing

Mr. Sean Keck


Our stay at The Oberoi has been outstanding from day one. The staff has been so helpful and always pleasant. Nothing was too much trouble. We look forward to returning as soon as possible. Thank you to all staff.

Mr. and Mrs. Cross